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Sales Enquiry Form

Please use the form to indicate which products you would like to purchase.  We will confirm availability, expected delivery date and email you a Pay Pal payment request.  You are welcome to call and pay over the phone.  Carriage will be added according to the items selected and included.  

If you want more than one of any product please indicate this in the Additional Information box at the bottom.


 Cordura Oversuit Adjustable Elbows Pads Neoprene Hood
 Lightweight Oversuit Warmtex Pull-on Elbow Pads Square Buckle Belt
 Fleece Undersuit Warmtex Adjustable Elbow Pads Roller Bar Belt
 Neofleece Undersuit Pull-on Knee Pads Personal Bag
 Long Neoprene Socks Adjustable Knee Pads Riggers Bag
 Short Neoprene Socks Warmtex Pull-on Knee Pads 40 Metre Bag
 Pull-on Elbow Pads Warmtex Adjustable Knee Pads 100 Metre Bag

 Elios Helmet (S-L) Fractio (S-L) Pantin (R)
 Elios Helmet (M - XL) Fractio (M-XL) Pantin (L)
 Elia Helmet (for ponytails, one size) Superavanti (S-L) Stop Descender
 Pixa 1  Superavanti (M-XL) Simple Descender
 Pixa 2 Croll Jammer Torse
 Pixa 3 Basic Jammer OK Oval Karabiner
 Myo Ascension Handled Jammer (R) Freino Karabiner
 Duo Ascension Handled Jammer (L)

 Aero snap-link (Bent gate) Aero screw-gate Boa HMS (alloy)
 Aero snap-link (Straight gate) Aero HMS Boa HMS (steel)

 7mm Maillon Rapide Pre-tied Cowstails
 Semi-Circular Maillon (for harness closure, steel) Pre-tied Footloop & Safety Connection

 The Complete Caving Manual Mendip Underground SpeleoVertical

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