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Goatchurch Cavern
The best beginners cave in the south of England.  Two entrances lead into a complex maze of dry passages providing many possible routes.  There are some spacious chambers and attractive stalactite formations. For the adventurous there are some tight squeezes, but all of these are optional making the cave ideal for groups with mixed ability.  

Swildon's Hole
The longest and most popular cave system in the Mendip Hills.  The cave starts with a some short sections of low or narrow passage but soon enlarges to impressive proportions.  There are many spectacular stalactite formations to admire along the way.  There are some dry passages near the entrance but it is the streamway which makes this cave really memorable as waterfalls and pools are negotiated with very little chance of staying dry!
Climbing at Burrington Combe
The climbs are conveniently situated next a car park and public toilets.   There are a variety of climbs in an old quarry extending to 20 metres in height which offer excellent variety.  There is everything from easy beginner's routes to strenuous overhangs.  
Abseiling at Split Rock
Situated near Wookey Hole this 25 metre vertical cliff provides an excellent abseil venue.
Climbing & Abseiling in Cheddar Gorge
A half day session in a fantastic setting offering some strenuous climbing followed by abseiling.  The climbs in Cheddar Gorge are notoriously steep and hard and this roadside crag is no exception!   An ideal session if you have previous climbing experience or you're looking for a challenge!  The same cliff provides a 15 metre abseil.  The session is morning only and limited to 4 persons.  Age advisory is 12+.
Swildon's Hole to Sump 1
One of the finest caving trips in the UK!  The route involves a journey of half a mile in each direction, descending many waterfalls and cascades to reach a depth of over 400 feet.  The passages are spacious and extremely well decorated with stalactite formations.  There are numerous waterfalls to negotiate the deepest of which requires a 6m descent on a flexible caving ladder.  After a long gradual descent Sump 1 is reached.  Here the passage is submerged for a short distance (about one metre)  and the adventurous can hold their breath and take the plunge!  Beyond are some wonderful sculpted stream passages eventually terminating at Sump 2.  The return to the surface from here is a long and quite tiring ascent.   In addition to our standard equipment we supply fleece undersuits and neoprene socks.  

Prerequisites - some previous caving experience (preferably with us) and a good level of physical fitness.  A full declaration of any medical condition that may affect fitness or mobility or be otherwise relevant is essential.  Minimum age is 14 years.  Maximum group size is 6 persons.  Cannot be booked online - please phone for details.

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