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Equipment Sales Price Examples

The full range of Petzl and Warmbac products is extremely extensive and only a selection of the most popular products is listed here.  Please contact us for prices of any products not included.   

Recommended Retail Price Examples before 20% discount

Warmbac Cordura Oversuit (adult)


Warmbac Fleece Undersuit


Warmbac Warmtex Adjustable Knee Pads


Warmbac Warmtex Knee Pads


Warmbac 6.0mm Double Lined Adjustable Knee Pads   


Warmbac 6.0mm Double Lined Knee Pads  


Warmbac 4.5mm Double Lined Elbow Pads


Warmbac Warmtex Elbow Pads  


Warmbac 3.0mm Double Lined Socks  


Warmbac 3.0mm Double Lined Long Socks  


Warmbac Mini Bag


Warmbac SRT Riggers Bag  


Warmbac 40mtr Rope Bag


Warmbac 100mtr Rope Bag


Warmbac Cavers Belt (Square buckle)  


Petzl Fractio Harness


Petzl Superavanti Harness


Petzl Stop Descender


Petzl Simple Descender


Petzl Boreo Helmet


Petzl Ascension Handled Jammer


Petzl Croll Jammer


Petzl Pantin Foot Jammer


Petzl Club 10mm Caving Rope 70 metres


Petzl Torse Chest Strap


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