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Benefits of our Activities
Why bring your scouts or students to us?  What will they learn? What will they achieve? How will it contribute to their development?  
There are many benefits and these include:

  • Learning about the natural world - environment, flora, fauna, geology and history.
  • Developing teamwork and trust - mutual reliance, emotional support and bonding through achievement.
  • Self improvement - learning skills for life, building confidence and overcoming challenges.
  • Broadening horizons - this experience may be the inspiration that leads to an adventurous life.

 Scout Association Activity Badges

We can run dedicated sessions and courses to enable scouts to achieve Caver and Climber Badges.
Give them something to aim for!
Our Activity Options
Visit our Gallery & Videos page or click on the icons at the bottom of this page to learn more about these activities (Pierre's Pot and Gorge Walking are not included).  All these sessions are half days with a duration of up to 3 hours with the exception of number 7, Swildons Hole to Sump 1, which is a full day avtivity,

1. Dry Caving in Goatchurch Cavern (Burrington Combe)
One of the best beginners caves in the UK.  The large entrance passage leads to a complex maze of tunnels and chambers.  If you're looking for a challenge there are squeezes and crawls but there are easy options too, for those still building their confidence.  The instructor will explain the origins of stalactite formations and other geological features.  Climbing and scrambling skills are required to return from the depths of the cave and there's a strong emphasis on the importance team work.  Dry in all weather and suitable for all ages.

2. Wet Caving in Swildon's Hole (Priddy)
The longest Mendip cave system and one of the most spectacular.  A wet cave with waterfalls and pools.  Swildon's is a complex cave offering various levels of difficulty.  It is not an ideal first cave because the entrance passages are low and narrow in places.  It makes an excellent second cave and is often combined with Goathchurch to provide the second half of a beginners day.  Water levels are variable and effect the suitability of the cave for younger children.  In most conditions the age advisory is 10+.

3. Rock Climbing at Burrington Combe
An excellent climbing venue providing a variety of routes up to 20 metres high with challenges for all ages and abilities.  Youth groups usually work in groups of three - one climbing, and two belaying.  We supply climbing shoes.

4. Abseiling (Split Rock near Wookey Hole)
This 25 metre cliff provides an excellent abseiling venue. Abseiling is not always the best choice for youth groups because it's an all or nothing experience. It can generate a strong feeling of accomplishment - but also of failure if participants are too nervous to go over the edge. It also requires them to wait for their turn whereas with our other activities they are constantly occupied.  We prefer climbing because every young person achieves within their capabilities.  We find abseiling works best if preceded by a climbing session where the young people have already makes progress in overcoming their fears.  Age advisory 12+.

5. Gorge Walking at Burrington Combe
This is a good option for children under 10 years.  This is East Twin Brook where a stream flows down a small gorge. The water is shallow but there are cascades to ensure that everyone gets a good soaking.   It's good fun for the youngsters but older children may find it a bit tame (unless it's in flood!).  It can be used as a wet weather alternative to climbing.

6.  Dry caving in Pierre's Pot (Burrington Combe)
This short cave is an underground obstacle course of climbs, crawls and chimneys.  The narrow entrance climb is a bit intimidating but below that it's a perfectly good beginners cave.  We use this cave for groups that want to do a full (two sessions) day of dry caving.  Suitable for all ages but nervous beginners should start in Goatchurch.

7. Swildon's Hole to Sump 1 (full day)
This is one of the finest caving trips in the UK - a half mile journey to a depth of 400 feet to Sump 1 - a short duck underwater leading to more impressive passages.  This is a strenuous session but well within the abilities of ages 14+ with appropriate previous experience.  Limited to small groups who have completed prerequisite training sessions.

Half Days, Full Days and Multi Day
You can choose a single half day activity or combine the sessions to make full days or multi-day courses.

Popular Day Combinations
Goatchurch Cavern and Swildon's Hole
Goatchurch Cavern and Climbing
Climbing and Abseiling
Gorge Walking and Caving or Climbing

Popular Two Day Combinations
Day 1 - Goatchurch Cavern & Climbing
Day 2 - Swildon's Hole & Abseiling

Day 1 - Goatchurch Cavern & Pierres Pot
Day 2 - Swildon's Hole (half day only) or Swildon's Hole to Sump 1 for 14+ years (full day)
We can accommodate groups of 100+ persons, especially if they are divided between multiple activities.  
Burrington Combe is a great venue because it has good parking, public toilets, and hosts a variety of activities.
If you'd like to bring more than 30 persons ask for a competitive quote.

Youth Group Prices
Half day (one sessions)  £28 pp
Full Day  £50 pp (two sessions)

Minimum Charges
Groups up to 9 persons booking single session/half day.  The minimum charge is for 6 persons (£168).
Groups up to 9 persons booking double session/full day.  The minimum charge is for 6 persons (£300).

Groups 10 to 18 persons booking single session/half day.  The minimum charge is for 12 persons (£336).
Groups 10 to 18 persons booking double session/full day.  The minimum charge is for 12 persons (£600).

Groups over 18 persons - no minimum charges apply but final confirmation of numbers will be required 4 weeks before the session and the price will be fixed from this point.
Further Information & Booking
Contact us for further information or to make a booking.

Click on the Icons below for more information about our sessions
(includes standard online pricing - contact us to book with youth group discounts)
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